Koinonia School of Ministry

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The school of ministry seeks to do three things.

The first is Information/Transformation:

With the following courses;

  1. Pneumatology
  2. Leadership
  3. Ministry
  4. Personal transformation
  5. Finances

The second thing the School of ministry seeks to offer is Community Building which gives the student the opportunity to work as a team and reach the society.

The third thing the School of ministry seeks to offer is Impartation which is a spiritual transference of possibilities

Education is a system that provides enlightenment and gives you an edge in life.
The concept of education in the 21st century has been redefined to a broader system. To make an impact in today’s world, you must be willing to expand your horizons beyond formal education.
The superiority of God’s proposition of Education is seen in the fallible system of the world’s concept of Education.
The secrets and mysteries that make men great in this God’s Kingdom cannot be found in any secular institution.
Being educated in the secular world will make you celebrated but will not guarantee a blessed life.
You must have a greater advantage than secular knowledge because there will come a time when both the learned and the unlearned will have the same fate.
Education is very important but not enough. The table of greatness requires more than just certificate and intellectual prowess.
Without an advantage, the lot of the educated will be the same as the uneducated.
Being educated does not necessarily translate to being valuable, it just creates the potential for being perceived as valuable. To be valuable means to be needed and useful within the context of civilization and generation.
The world has an unapologetic attraction for value. Graduates are celebrated but the only value is rewarded.
There is a level of value that makes your educational inadequacies inconsequential.
Life is not fair, you make it fair by the understanding you have
The knowledge that makes for dominion is finite. Pay the price to get the knowledge. Even though men misunderstand you, your results will be proof.

There are four areas of value you must have to be relevant.
• The first value you must have is your relationship with God. We reign in life on account of our connection to God. Having a relationship with God is not just a Christian or religious criteria, it is a lifeline for being valuable in life.

• The second value you must have is a transformed mind. To be valuable in your days, you must reorient your mind.

• The third value you must have is Skill. You must strive to be skillful. Our world has no reward for mediocrity. The minimum standard is excellence hence, you must benchmark your destiny by global standards. Spirituality is not a license to live a life of mediocrity. Celebrate your current level but reach for greater height. Strive for a level of value that is not localized. Your value and skill should be global

• The fourth value you must have to be relevant is quality and destiny changing relationships. Everything in life multiplies on the basis of relationship. Never resent influence. Your ally matters even in the secular world.

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